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Countertop Terminal - Location-Based Ministries, Offices & Giftshops

The Ingenico iCT220 is a payment terminal and payment service all-in-one solution. The terminal enables acceptance of all payment types including NFC, EMV chip cards and magstripe cards, as well as Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay.

This FREE terminal has everything you need to process payments, including a PIN pad, keypad and receipt printer. The compact design is easy to use and takes minimal counter space. Simply connect it to a landline telephone line or a direct internet connection, and you're ready to go.


Wireless Terminal - Perfect for Travelling Ministries & Tradeshow Exhibits

With this amazing terminal you can connect wirelessly without a direct phone line or direct internet connection, so you can take payments on the go or on the spot. Strict security protocols ensure your subscribers' data remains private, and processing speeds are several seconds faster than even those found in wired systems.

Accept All standard payment methods. This FREE wireless terminal enables you to accept Apple Pay (and other contactless payments), EMV chip cards and magstripe cards, as well as all major credit cards. It also includes a PIN pad, keypad and receipt printer, so you have everything you need to complete a sale on the road.


Online Payments - Perfect for Telephone Donations & Websites

Groovv Online Payments is a secure, web-based terminal solutions enable you to expand your organization by accepting and managing subscriber payments when an actual payment card is not present.   FREE setup and configuration.

Features include:   Virtual Terminal: Authorize, process and manage mail or phone credit card payments from any computer.   Recurring Billing: Bill subscribers, charge cards and process payments securely on a scheduled, automatic basis.   Hosted Pay Page: Sell your products online quickly and securely through a hosted pay page connected to your website.   eCommerce: Accept and integrate payments online from your website shopping cart.   Stored Profiles and Advanced Fraud Detection protocols.

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Mobile Card Reader - Perfect for Travelling Ministries & Tradeshow Exhibits

Receive payments with your smartphone or tablet. This FREE mobile credit card reader directly connects to your device, and free payment processing software is included.

Features include:  Get real-time authorization for swiped and keyed transactions. Use Signature Capture on touchscreen devices. Email receipts to your subscribers. Check transaction history and reports on your phone or online.


All-In-One POS (Point-of-Sale) - Location-Based Ministries, Offices & Giftshops

Full-featured countertop POS for location-based organizations. The powerful Groovv All-In-One POS includes everything merchants need to manage, grow and optimize their organization, all in a compact system that's easy to set up and use. Key features include a touchscreen tablet and EMV/NFC-enabled payment device, as well as intuitive software featuring powerful inventory management, reporting and marketing tools.

Included Features:  13" Touch Screen, Integrated Cash Drawer, Integrated Barcode Scanner, Integrated Receipt Printer, EMV/NFC Payment Device, Stand, Inventory Management, Customizable Reporting, Integrated Marketing Program, Ethernet Connection.

Add-on Features:  Hand Barcode Scanner, Kitchen Order Printer.


Flex POS (Point-of-Sale) - Perfect for Travelling Ministries & Tradeshow Exhibits

Flexible, portable POS for organizations on the go. Customize your setup with flexible hardware features. Groovv POS Flex is ideal if your organization has limited counter space, if you prefer to design your own point-of-sale setup, or if you frequently move to serve subscribers --- at your organization location or on the road.

Included Features:  9.6" Touch Screen, EMV/NFC Payment Device, Flexible Stand, Inventory Management, Customizable Reporting, Integrated Marketing Program, LTE or WiFi Connections.

Add-on Features:  Cash Box, Receipt Printer, Hand Barcode Scanner, Kitchen Order Printer.



Engaging subscribers with informational announcements, discounts, and loyalty incentives can dramatically increase your subscriber interest.

Groovv Offers & PassMarket Tools makes marketing to your growing subscriber base easy.

PassMarket Marketing Tool is integrated with all Groovv POS systems. Groovv Offers is a web-based comprehensive digital marketing tool suite designed for all non-POS systems. These innovative toolsets enable you to grow your subscriber base, retain subscribers through loyalty programs, interact via social media announcements, and helps to dramatically increase subscriber interest.

Increase Sales:  Subscriber donations are up to 46% higher with organizations that provide communication, rewards, and promotional offers.

Acquire New Customers:  Social media offers enable subscribers to share your organization activities with their friends and family.

Create, Send & Track Online:  Use a single interface to add subscribers and create, send, redeem and track success.

Reach Customers Everywhere:  Engage more subscribers more often with informational and promotional offers through email, text and social media.

Groovv Offers Features:  Groovv Offers is an easy-to-use mobile and social marketing tool that helps increase organizational traffic, attract new subscribers, drive repeat visitors, and improve subscriber interest. With Groovv Offers, it’s easy for you to create, send and track informational or promotional offers – and reach more people! Groovv Offers’ web-based interface takes the guesswork out of marketing. Pick from hundreds of offers and themes, customize your offer in just a few minutes and send it to your subscribers on Facebook, Twitter, email, text message and even your own website – all with a single click. The Groovv Offers online interface helps you easily collect customer information to continually grow your list. When subscribers redeem an offer, you simply click a button or enter a six-digit number. Sales and redemptions are automatically tracked and viewable online in real time, so you can see which offers work best for your orgnization.

PassMarket Lite Features:  VIP, Loyalty & Rewards Center: Subscribers enter their phone number at checkout to join your loyalty program.   Store Locator: Attract more subscribers and direct them to your organization.   Campaign Manager: Geo-fenced beacons push offers or notifications to nearby subscribers.

PassMarket Advanced Features:  Social Media: Offer incentives for subscribers to socialize with your organization.   Coupon Publisher: Increase subscriber interest or visits by publishing coupons, freebie offers, time-sensitive offers, VIP offers, holidays, special sales, and new product alerts.   Order Ahead: Provide access to your activities or product list and let subscribers order ahead.   Advanced Message Manager: Target specific subscriber groups to influence measurable behaviors, by delivering personalized messages at the right time.


Enhanced Giving Platforms - For More Advanced Giving Platforms & Features

Our mission is to help ministries to reach the world... and for charities to make the world a better place for everyone!   To help, we provide a unique charitable program to churches and charitable organizations of all kinds, which can greatly help you to accomplish your outreach goals by increasing your monthly subscribers, offerings & donations.

Optional Add-on Donations Management System:   Fully Customizable Online Donation Links & Carts.   + Virtual Terminal (browser interface).   + Automatic Recurring Donations.   + Enhanced Fraud Detection.   + Stored Customer Profiles.   + Unlimited Donation Categories.   + Unlimited Custom Event Forms.   + Web Giving.   + Mobile App Giving.   + Kiosk Giving.   + Text Giving.   + ACH Giving (Direct Deposit & eChecks).   + Social Media Integration.   + Event & Registration Forms.   + Real-Time Capital Campaign Management.   + Pledge Tracking Management.   + Graphical Trend Analysis.   + Cloud-Based Control Panel.   + Fully Customized Reporting.   + Customizable Screens & Branding Pages.   + Fully Exportable to Your Existing Financial & CRM Software.

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