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--- Enhanced Donations & Giving Platforms ---

For churches, charities & non-profits that need even more giving options.

Online Payments:

  ✔   Multi-Campus Support & Branding
  ✔   Unlimited Donation Categories
  ✔   Customizable Recurring Billing
  ✔   Anonymous Giving
  ✔   Trending & Custom Reporting
  ✔   Database Export & Printing
  Online Payments

Mobile & Text Giving:

  ✔   Mobile -- Give From Anywhere
  ✔   Text -- The Fastest & Easiest Giving
  ✔   Unlimited Custom Keywords
  ✔   Full History & Pledge Management
  Mobile-App Giving


  ✔   Safe, Secure, & Reliable Giving
  ✔   Saved Profile or Anonymous Giving
  ✔   Surface, Countertop, Wall-Mount, & Floor Models
  ✔   iOS, Android, or PC-Based Systems
  ✔   Customized Graphics & Banners For Your Church
  ✔   Integrated Activity, Events, & Pledge Enrollment


Allow Everyone To Give From Anywhere:

Convenient Giving encourages first time givers and allows faithful givers to give more regularly. On average, a non-profit organization using an Enhanced Donations Program sees an increase in overall giving of 32%.

✔   Mobile App:   Included in every plan are the iOS and Android App online giving app. It is the easiest way for members to give on the go and manage their account information and donation frequency.

✔   Social Media Integration:   Want to accept donations through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus? Simply add our Apps to your organization's webpages, and your donors can click to donate directly from all of these social media outlets.

✔   Text Giving:   Add on our Text Giving facility, and receive a dedicated 10-digit phone number specifically for your church or charity. Members can easily sign-up in one minute and begin textting their donations to your non-profit organization immediately. And don’t limit your text givers to just one donation category. Our custom keywords allow your donors to text a specific keyword and amount and have the funds go directly to their desired category.

✔   Kiosk Giving:   With Kiosk Giving, members and visitors can directly give while on-site. Manage your sign-up forms through your kiosks for volunteers, fund-raisers, mission trips, vacation bible school, and more.

Tailor For Your Own Specific Needs:

We know no church and/or charity runs like any other. Therefore, we provide an online giving solution that is as unique as your organization. Flexible payment options ensure you’re in control of your online giving and members can give easily and regularly.

✔   Automatic Recurring:  One of the best ways to increase your overall giving and provide forecasting for your non-profit organization budget is to encourage recurring giving. Members can set the frequency at which they give and have the option to give to multiple funds at seperate intervals.

✔   Credit and ACH:  Accept the forms of payment that work for your church. Limit and expand on what combinations of credit and ACH (eChecks, Direct Deposits, etc.) are going to fit into your mission.

✔   Branded Interface:  Did you know that donors are more likely to donate to a branded donations page vs. un unbranded one? Create your own look and feel with our Enhanced Doanations Page. Manage multiple missions and funds with custom giving pages with the multi-site support feature.

✔   Forms:  Create custom forms to tailor your specific needs in your organization; such as special donations, mission trips, fund raisers, or even event registrations.

Safe & Secure Giving:

Let our powerful control panel help you manage the data from your online giving. Whether you need your giving data to tell a story, to export to another system, and to remain as secure as possible; we have you covered.

✔   Reporting:  Get access to virtually hundreds of reports. Most of the reporting you need will come right from your control panel, where you can view a range of custom reports by person, transaction, fund, and date range. Access graphical reports of monthly trends, current automativ recurring giving, forecasting, and more!

✔   Data Export/Import:  Do you need to import donation data into another system? We can help setup a custom import/export profile. Common exports include: RockRMS, Church Community Builder, FellowshipOne, Shelby, ACS, Arena, etc… the list goes on an on. Import directly into your CMS or you can always download your donation records for importing or printing.

✔   Security:  Our Enhanced Donations Program adheres to the industry's strictest security requirements. Concerning PCI & DSS Compliance Security, intrusion detection, and SSL transaction security; our team and data center goes above and beyond the required procedures.

Grow Your Mission:

Growing your non-profit organization shouldn’t mean you have to step up to the next price bracket. With every plan, you have access to our unlimited features to manage your online giving.

✔   Unlimited Funds:  You can easily customize your giving applications so donors can designate their donation to any of your funds or campaigns. You are not capped to the number of campaigns you are running at any time.

✔   Multi Site / Campus Support:  Easily manage multiple campuses by creating custom giving pages for each individual site with site-specific funds. Campuses can be physical locations or you can create individualized pages for other missions within your organization.

✔   Pledge Tracking & Management:  Encourage giving by launching our Pledge Management tool. Donors can easily submit their pledge online and it will help them track their progress for accountability, as well as provide valuable reporting to the financial manager.

✔   Unlimited Users:  We won't nickel and dime you like nearly every other provider out there. Whether you have 50 people donating online or 50,000; we won't charge you more simply because you have more.


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